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"Test everything and hold fast to what is good". 

This excerpt of Thessalonians 5:21 is something that has been passed down from grandfather to father and now it has become the ethos of our illustration practice. Curious minded, we always want to investigate the unknown, looking at things from both sides. Through dialogue between ourselves and our environment, we create synergy between the past and future. What have we done? What do we hold precious? And where are we going? These are some questions we aim to answer in our work. 

Naamloos - ‎24‎-‎dec‎-‎20 ‎19‎.‎28‎.‎31.

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Hold Fast To That Which Is Good


Hello! We are Louise and Alana, two dutch sisters that illustrate and work together. Currently, we are attending the dual degree Arts Science with a major in Illustration as well as an International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam. Our favorite way of illustrating is by combining fabrics, textiles and other materials and is fueled by our interest in rituals, traditions and the longevity of these two.

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